Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Being Busy Bouncing

After Ricky and I found out we were expecting, we decided to make some changes around the house to accommodate a young'un. We live in a fairly spacious two bedroom house by beach living standards that serves us just fine. Add a baby to the mix though, and we are looking for a little extra space were we can find it.

So after some rearranging, Ricky and I "switched" offices. I say switched hesitantly because I was the only one occupying an office while he was stationed at a couch with a t.v. tray and his laptop. He moved all his stuff in the small office off our bedroom and I set up shop in the guest bedroom after some creative maneuvering of the furniture.

All in all I was very pleased with the switch except that the chair I had been using seemed infinitely more comfortable in the other room. Now, whenever I would sit for even a few minutes at the new desk, as soon as I would get up, I would double over with a back pain. After considering a new chair, I decided on going with an exercise ball instead. There are tons of
benefits of sitting (and bouncing) on a ball all day and I am super happy I made the switch.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Pregnancy Pains

So I am right about 16 weeks pregnant to date and I’ve been pretty lucky about avoiding typical “pregnancy side-effects” up until now. I totally bypassed the morning sickness routine, but did have some food aversions. Absolutely NO Salmon and beans didn't do the trick for awhile either. During a morning walk with Ricky the other day; I started to get a sharp pain in the front of my pubic bone. It totally hurt to stand, let alone walk. Regardless, I “walked it off” and cut the walk a little short. After work I googled to see what could be the problem, and called the doc to be sure. Turns out the hormones in my body are causing the ligaments in my pelvis to loosen and expand to prepare for labor, technically called pubic symphysis diastasis (diastasis means separation). Good to know I’m not falling apart, only separating at the seams a little!