Monday, June 1, 2009

Keeping up my "shape", even if the current shape is Round

WOW, June 1st already! It is hard to believe I'm already 7 months into this pregnancy with only 3 more to go. It is so crazy and amazing to watch the body that you've lived in your whole life change to create another human being. I often forget how obvious it is to other people when I'm out until I catch my reflection in a window and can't believe that the person looking back is actually me. I have been exercising daily, as was my routine before baby, but cut out the running and stick with fast paced walking and hills to keep in shape. I used to run all the way to the end of the cliffs and back, but now my route must pass by the public restrooms for the inevitable pit stop. Stretching everyday as well as squats, push ups, and sideways crunches keep me feeling good and will help my body bounce back after labor. Map my is one of my favorite ways to keep track of how far my routes are and provides lots of cool information on elevation, carbon offset, gas saved, and other fun facts.

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