Monday, June 15, 2009

Week in Review

Sorry it has been so long since the last post, we've had a fairly busy week with lots of work and friends. Ricky's buddy Steve aka "Conejo" stopped by for a week after a surf trip in Fiji. Conejo always has great stories to tell of his travels and living in Costa for the past 10+years. So much so that a movie script is in the works based loosely based on his life! I always love when we have guests in town to because that means we get to visit all our favorite restaurants... Southbeach, Hodads, Shades, Lighthouse Icecream, Thai Time. Lots of good eating for sure!

Ricky and I also started our Baby Classes a couple of weeks ago. We are attending a Birthing From Within class that is located at the Best Start Birth Center in Hillcrest. It is 4 weeks long and each class is 3 hours. After researching and comparing the options out there I thought that this format would work best for us. Personaly I like that it opens the door for us to discuss what we may be thinking about birth and becoming parents but may not say to each other without the prompting of a class exercise or discussion. We have attended two classes and I feel more confident about the whole birthing thing already.

I also attended a baby expo that was going on downtown on Sunday to score some free loot. It was well worth my time and I enjoyed going to see all the newest baby gear. I learned alot about using cloth baby diapers and got to see all the different brands and styles available which was pretty interesting. I am not sold completly on them yet, but may buy one or two styles to use at home and interchange with the disposables.

Our friends Sean and Stefanie also welcomed there baby Ford Michael Leonard into the world last Tuesday June 9th at 8:59PM! Congratulations to the new family we are so excited for you!

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