Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Baby Cage

I picked up the crib on Saturday morning up in Carlsbad. It is everything I hoped it would be. Margarita and her 4 year old daughter Selena were super nice and helped me to load it into the back of my car. It barely fit! The thing is freakin HUGE! It came with all the parts in perfect condition and includes crib, mattress, toddler rail, and base boards for the full bed conversion. All in all it would be around $1000+ if we purchased it brand new. I came home and set it up myself in under an hour. Pretty easy to assemble and it looks great in the corner of our bedroom until he is a little older and we'll move him into the other bedroom.

Now I am working on finding some really cool fabrics to make the bedding for it. I want it to coordinate with the colors on my bedspread which is orange and white. As with everything I'm purchasing for him I don't want it to be to kiddy or cartoonish, ie Winnie the Pooh. I like the idea of using a color theme of turquoise, lime green, white, orange, and brown. Kind of a tropical feel. Here are some fabrics I like.


  1. Its looking fine, you can find more designer Modern Baby Bedding here…..

  2. I dig the guitars fabric. Strumming with pops in a few years.