Monday, May 4, 2009

Where I've Worked

Yesterday I was browsing through some old photos and came across some shots we took of our old stores in Dallas, TX. Over the past 9 years we have opened 4 of our own stores and helped numerous others start theirs. Here are a couple of pics of the stores past...

This is a picture from the back of our first store in Deep Ellum looking towards the entrance. The Deep Ellum Store was open from for October 2000-January 2007. It is also where Ricky and I met and started "dating". It was our most profitable store and also the coolest in my opionion. We had to close down because the neighborhood went into a decline and people were afraid to come to the area. When we first opened we would be open until 1:00+ on Friday and Saturday nights and were pumping with business nonstop. Over the years the media got ahold of some unfortunate circumstances and less and less people visited the neighborhood. Business closed down left and right and we were one of the very last retail spots to oporate. LOTS and LOTS of awesome memories, Ricky even had an apartment behind the store for the first couple of years.

After noticing the decline in the Deep Ellum neighborhood we decided to open a second location at a new shopping center called Mockingbird Station about 3 miles away. Here we did the entire finish out to the spot which was a MAJOR undertaking. Installing a window front, bathrooms, AC unit, pretty much everything as it was a blank box to begin with. This location was open for about 3 years and we sold it when we decided to move back to San Diego in 2007.

Factory Vintage was our warehouse/store located next door to the Deep Ellum location. For the first year we just used the space to ship and pack orders and oporated our Particle Reconstruction line. But after we closed the doors to the Deep Ellum Store next door, we expanded and let people shop the warehouse and extremly low "bulk" prices. This was by far a biggest location at 10,000+ sq feet. It had an room for a few offices, a large particle workroom, a darkroom, screenprinting room, skateboarding half-pipe ramp, and tons and tons of racks and bins. There were even a few classic cars on display throughout the warehouse, a Jag and a Mercedes. We were oporating three locations at once in Dallas at one point and had a payroll fluxuating at about 20+people and interns.

These days we are running one location in Bay Park that houses Dust Factory Wholesale, Factory Vintage Retail, and Particle Reconstruction Clothing. It makes it much easier on us to have it all in one place. Check us out if you are ever in the area.

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