Monday, May 11, 2009

It's Obvious

I'm officially "obvious", at least I've passed THIS stage. You know the one when a woman looks a little heavy in the middle but people are afraid to say anything because she could or couldn't be expecting. So at least once a day now people are starting to ask when I'm due.


  1. Yeah, that awkward stage was, well, awkward...ha. It's still funny to me to look down and be able to see my belly sticking out farther then my boobs. 10 weeks to go (for me at least)!

  2. Oh your so cute! I miss being pregnant sometimes! Well, not enough to do it again anytime soon!

  3. haha, so funny. This totally reminds me of when Ricky asked the waitress at that restaurant/bar by my house in La Jolla if she was expecting. It was so awkward I excused myself, went to the bathroom, got another drink at the crowded bar, came out to the patio and she was still there tearing eyed, as Ricky tried to explain that "she was glowing, looked so beautiful, that he just assumed she was expecting".

    I still laugh out loud reliving that moment...scarred for life.