Saturday, April 4, 2009

Greener Pastures

After going through the winter without a single blade of green grass in our yard thanks to you-know-who, I am super stoked to finally have a lawn again. Ricky and I had been contemplating putting in a walkway for a few months when a couple of weeks ago we discovered we already had one! It was buried beneath last years sod by a few inches. It was strange because Conrad, our landlord, was even going to help us lay one down. When we told him we dug one up, he came to look at it and was like, "oh yeah, that's right, look at that". As a bonus it is WAY better than one we would have done ourselves.

But now, in order to keep the grass actually alive this year, we are going to extreme measures to keep the "farm" away from the tender new grass until it's established. That means NO chickens for awhile, and especially NO DOGS ALLOWED! Judah really did a number last year, in fact we thought he might have been communicating to us through the pee stains that looked like rudimentary cuneiform come Fall time.

It's to bad I came across the Penta-Lawn 2000 website after we had already put the sod down because it looks like it might be up to taking a beating from whatever Judah could dish out.

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