Thursday, April 30, 2009

Baby Bump

I'm finally starting to really notice the bump. It is kinda unavoidable. It's there in the morning when I want to roll over onto my tummy. It's there when I bend over to pick up something off the floor. It is even there when I lean over the sink to wash dishes. And it's only going to get BIGGER! I'm not really complaining, it looks adorable; ) It's just that I am having to find new ways to get everyday things done.

It has also occurred to me that since I am at the halfway point, it's only another 20 weeks until I meet the little guy; and boy did those first months go by fast! It's fun to imagine what life will be like, but I know I really have no clue. What will it change between Ricky and I? Will Judah adapt well to being in 2nd place? Will everything be okay? I am the type of person who likes to research and prepare, but with something as life changing as this, I don't think you really can.


  1. Yes, life will change but it in a very good way. Judah will be a little jealous and of course full of wonder at first, but then he will adjust and become the best of friends! You and Ricky are so close already I truly seeing this bringing you closer together, at least it did for Frank and I! Your bump is so cute and yes it only gets bigger and yes everything becomes harder to do especially sleep!

  2. Enjoy your time with Ricky, and keep dreaming about how wonderful life will be with your new little seedling. It only adds joy and sometimes it is hectic too, but you get through that! I am exaclty like you a planner, but it all kinda goes out the window and your instincts kick in. You guys are going to be great! Thanks for the love on the blog roll... blessings, Dianne

  3. Lyndsey, you look absolutey adorable! Keep the pics coming! I really enjoy reading your blog. thanks for sharing. I can't wait to go through everything you are experiencing. Oh, and I love that ultrasound of your lil'one waving...what a smarter already! love ya, christine