Friday, April 3, 2009

Four Legged Baby

Now that we know we have a little one on the way, we are preparing our current "baby" for the changes to come. Judah, our Labrador Retriever has been with us for six action-packed years now. He has stuck by our sides through thick and thin. He has traveled to Oklahoma, Texas, Mexico, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, on road trips, camping trips, airplane rides, and even canoe rides.

Judah has been a wonderful pet and friend and we aren't to worried about how he will react around a new baby. He has been around plenty of young children who have chased him, rode him, and pulled his tail to which he usually just rolls over for a belly rub. What we may be concerned about is a little bit jealousy, and maybe some diaper "interest". So in order to get him ready he hasn't been invited on as many car rides and has been staying at home a little more than usual. Don't worry about him though, he gets a long walk and plenty of love every day.

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