Friday, April 10, 2009

Gammy 's In Town

My mom is visiting us this week and I am so happy she's here. We don't get to see each other often enough with me living so far away from Oklahoma and all. I am so blessed to have such an awesome relationship with her. I know she wishes we were closer, but at the same time she's always excited to come out to beautiful Sunny San Diego as well. On our list this week of fun things to do:
~Go baby shopping! I haven't bought a single thing yet, although I know there is a ton of necessary baby gear we need to acquire. It's just really tough with ALL the choices out there!
~Watch our wedding video that I had remastered onto a DVD from a VHS tape that was accidentally turned sideways off and on through the ceremony, though fixed by a wonderful student on craigslist.
~Go out to eat at South Beach restaurant for the best fish tacos in Ocean Beach, her fav!
~Visit the Carlsbad flower fields.
~Shop at Pangea Outpost in Pacific Beach, it has this booth with little trinkets from all over the world that my mom just loves. She has a cool dia de los muetus wall at home that she likes to add to every time shes out here.
~Read lots of magazines, we especially love to read Birds and Blooms.
~See what kind of trouble Judah can get himself into when we leave the house. This time wasn't so bad, he got into our Tupperware cabinet and chewed on a few containers!?!
~Drive down to sunset cliffs to watch the sunset.
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MOM!!! Thanks for coming to visit!

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