Sunday, April 12, 2009

Baby Shopping

It's a BOY!!! So I was a little off, oh well, we are super stoked! Since mom is in town we've been shopping everyday (thanks Mom & Dad) and I've picked up some super cute stuff. She brought out these little baby Christmas and Halloween outfits with her before we knew which gender to buy for. The little Christmas outfits also came with a Santa and a reindeer puppet that I'm sure will get lots of "personality" when the time comes.

Of course I am a bargain shopper and have to do plenty of research before I purchase anything, it HAS to be a good deal! The first item I bought was a stroller online for a discount of around $40. I will go and pick it up at the store next week.

Then I purchased this brand new infant car seat with base on craigslist from a couple who had received two as gifts. It was the brand I was interested in, and I got it for half of what you would pay in the store, SCORE!

Doing some garage sale shopping we picked out these little boy outfits for size 0-3 months from a cool couple who live a few blocks over.

Shopping for baby stuff can be SO overwhelming, especially if it's your first. I've been doing plenty of online research and asking friends and family what there recommendations are but you just never know. So to date, i've only spent $200 and I can't wait to see what bargains are coming up next.

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