Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Registering for Baby

I know that I still have 141 days to go, but how can you resist picking out cute little baby necessities when you have a free afternoon. Buying for baby can be very overwhelming at the store, so I decided just to go at it online at Baby's R Us. You can check out My Page Here. By registering online I am also able to check comments and ratings from parents who have used the product themselves thus hopefully preventing any dud purchases. It also gives me a reference point when I am garage sale shopping or browsing on craigslist.

Being one of the first moms out of my group of girlfriends living in San Diego it can be tough to get tips and recommendations from first hand experience. But I've come across some pretty cool blogs like that have put together helpful articles on some of the must haves. They list some of the Must Haves, Nice to Haves, and Total Luxuries as well as some other useful topics.

Ricky and I are planning on traveling/moving to Costa Rica after the baby is born so that adds another little hurdle as far as collecting to much stuff. I want to be smart in my purchases but at the same time it is hard to resist that "nesting" urge that makes me want everything to be ready for when baby arrives. So if you have any tips/recommendations on great stuff to buy or pass on please bring on the advice!


  1. You are way braver (or more patient) then I am! Every time I try and baby shop/browse or register, I get TOTALLY overwhelmed and run away screaming. We have a crib, changing table, mosquito net, car seat and jogging stroller. I'm done. haha.

  2. I think that Summer is on the right track. Every new parent that i have talked to said not to be tricked and think that you need all these over-kills on baby stuff. Think eat, poo, clean and move. Other than that you are just being fooled into purchasing another gimmick.

  3. Your friends are totally correct-babies hardly need anything. Let him come then see what your parenting style and new life is and what might make it a little easier on you. Then buy accordingly. I will, however, recommend a pack of sleep gowns (even for a boy!) for the first couple months. They make middle of the night diaper changes so much easier.