Monday, April 27, 2009

Good Weekend

We had a really nice weekend with lots of friends and get-togethers. On Friday our friend Chad and his girlfriend Marissa stayed the night in their rad pop-up VW van. They are on a cool So-Cal style Vacay just traveling the coast and hitting up all the good surf spots along the way. We had a great time, very chill.

Saturday we hit up the Roots & Folk Festival. Just your typical arts/craft vendors lining a few blocks with music stages setup on every corner. Adams Ave is a really hip part of town and Ricky and I decided that we need to hit it up more often. I also stopped by a couple of garage sales and scored some awesome deals. I picked up a Baby Bjorn baby carrier in navy blue, excellent condition, for only $3! I also got a few story books, baby toys, and onsies; but unfortunately both sales were all girl clothes, and tons of them.

On Sunday we drove up to Huntington Beach for our good friends Sean & Stefanie's baby shower for the girls and BBQ for the boys. It turned out to be a beautiful day and we both had a great time. We also found out that they are using one of the names that we had on the top of our very short baby name list...FORD!!! It is such a cool/cute name that I'm glad they are using it. Great minds think alike!

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