Sunday, April 19, 2009

Custom Creations

You can purchase our designs at our store DUST FACTORY or custom design your own on our Zazzle website by clicking on the following link...

"For the past 10 years we have been sifting through thousands of pounds of recycled clothing a day to pull out perfect gems that can be resold in the ‘vintage clothing industry’. This by no means makes us experts in the fashion industry, but it does make us experienced. We see what fashion has done, good or bad, and through the years have developed a style of our own inspired by these relics from the past. We don’t feel that our Original designs are even on the same playing field as authentic vintage clothing. However we feel, as many do, that there is a ridiculous amount of companies that are putting out new t-shirts each year with designs that are just crap. We know that by the time they hit the used market, if they don’t end up in a land field there is no other place for them to go put be turned into a rag. We knew it was time to help bring t-shirt design back to its roots where it is focused on an element of design, not a brand, or a shirt that makes the person wearing it look like they were sitting under a flock of seagulls after they just ate. We know that most of our customers are creative so we felt it was important to give you a platform to decide where and how you wanted our design to appear on your tee. We also wanted you to be able to choose what color and type of t-shirt blank our design would appear on. We would prefer that everyone use the organic and bamboo t-shirt blanks, but we understand that in today’s economy not every body can afford them. Regardless a small portion of proceeds for each item in Dust Factory Original Collection sold will be donated to the Surf Rider Foundation in supporting their cause to keep the ocean clean.

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